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How to Write Catchy Hooks for Essays

Hooks for Essays
Many students ask why they need to use hooks for essays at all given that the teacher will read the work in any case. The simplest reason is that these will help you earn a better grade. The teacher wants to see that you have writing and creative skills beyond the basic level. This is an easy way to prove that you have them. But how do you come up with good hooks? The tips and ideas below will be of great use to you.

The Main Options
The good hooks for essays fall into several main categories. You do not have to reinvent the wheel and this makes your task a lot easier than you may think. The primary option is to use a quote from a book. If you are writing a literature essay, you can take something from the literary work that the topic is on. This will definitely impress your teacher. Quotes from famous people are also a fine choice.
The simplest option of all is to pose a question since it eliminates the need to do any special research for the hook. Just make sure that the question is intriguing and does not have a straightforward yes/no answer. You should definitely get creative.
Little known facts and striking statistical data are superb options for essays in the natural and social sciences. The teacher will take note of the fact that you have done some extra digging to make the work more interesting and informative.
The use of anecdotes as hooks for essays is common practice. They certainly work exceptionally well, but good ones are often hard to find. Besides, they should not be very long.
Another fairly easy option is to set a unique scene. You simply need to describe it. Of course, the description has to be intriguing and stimulate the reader to read on.

Correct and Effective Use
The main rule which you have to keep here is to start the essay with the hook which you have chosen. It is best if it is one or two sentences. it should not take more than two lines. After all, you would want to focus on the main subject of the essay.
The most important thing of all is for the hook to be relevant to the topic and to the audience which the work is for. Ideally, you will be able to refer to it later on in the conclusion to make things absolutely perfect.
Use all of these tips on creating great hooks for essays.


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