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Programming Help

 - Hi. If you're reading these lines, I confirm that these are Java lessons. The course is just packed with practice (1200+ practical tasks) and designed for adult audience. I hate boring lectures, so JavaRush is made as online game (quest).

Programming Help

- Did you have to play and pump up the characters? Sometimes you don't notice how you get sucked in, do you? Can you guess where I'm going with this? In Java you also have to level up your character. From level 1 to 40. You do the whole course, you'll be a cool Java programmer.

- Pass level 40 - you can get a job as a Java Junior. Although there are individuals who have already found a job at level 20. Because JavaRush has a lot of practical tasks. A lot.

The game is set in the far, far future, in 3017, where people live on Earth together with the robots, and anyone can travel through space.

One day, a spaceship crashes on an unknown planet...


Learning to program in Java | Lessons from scratch - 2

The Galactic Rush team crashed on an unknown planet. The ship crashed into a mountain and was almost completely covered in rock debris. It took several days of futile attempts to free the ship. The crew lost all hope of returning home and began to settle in their new place...

A week later, Ellie, the ship's navigator, discovered by chance that the planet was inhabited by... thousands of wild robots! They could help disassemble the rocks and free the ship. But they are very primitive and stupid-they have no skills whatsoever. They can't even carry rocks. Which would be very helpful.

The scientific head of the expedition, Professor Noodles, later recalled:

- After a few days, I found a way out. I had the idea of taking the firmware of the robot Diego, a member of our crew, converting it to the mason's firmware and uploading it to the wild robots.

- But failure seemed to haunt us. After a little research, it turned out that the robots didn't have a connector to download the firmware. They didn't have any connector for reflashing at all!

Learning to program in Java | Lessons from scratch - 3

- Bilaabo, the only alien on the crew, remembered that he had once seen a robot on his home planet that knew programming. And not just knew, but he himself was fixing bugs in his own firmware.

- It was at that moment that a genius idea struck me. After all, a long time ago I had taught one capable robot how to program in Pascal.

- I ordered him to catch the most talented young robot and teach him Java programming from scratch. If he knew how to program, he could write his own firmware and help us!

Learning to program in Java | Lessons from scratch - 4

Anyway, we caught one clever specimen. Diego offered to name it Amigo, after his brother, whom he never had.

- I offered Amigo a metal bead for each month of training, and ten dollars a year for subsequent work to remove the rubble. That's plenty for the savages, since we're educating them for free.

Diego will write about it later in his memoirs:

- I was outraged at such blatant plundering of my fellow man, but the whole team sided with the professor and Rishi. Of course, I agreed (for appearances) and offered to help teach Amigo. Hehe! Especially since no one can teach a robot how to program better than another robot.

- Everyone was so excited about my concession that they also decided to take an active part in teaching Amigo the Java robot.

- You start at the first level. Your task is to pump Amigo up to level 40. But let's start small. For starters, get to level 2 of the Java lessons. Maybe you'll like it so much you'll pass the course and go to work ; )

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